Ancahuasi – A Hidden Gem of Peru

Hello world! I am here and I am ready to ramble! Haha, I hope you all are well :D. If you read my last post “Good Eats – Cusco, Peru” you may have seen that I mentioned that I was staying in a little town called Ancahuasi and that I would soon be writing aContinue reading “Ancahuasi – A Hidden Gem of Peru”

Good Eats – Cusco, Peru

Well hello lovelies! How are my fellow world travelers today? I have some exciting news! I recently returned from a trip to Peru and it was everything I hoped it would be and more! I have some friends who were staying in the little town of Ancahuasi, Peru (which I will write about in aContinue reading “Good Eats – Cusco, Peru”

Travel while you work!

Hello fellow explorers! How are all of you lovely people today? Good? Great? Wonderful? Well I should certainly hope so :D. When I decided – very ambitiously I might add – that I was going to travel the world, my biggest challenge was finding a job that had a flexible schedule and that I wouldContinue reading “Travel while you work!”

Adventures in Barbados

Hello lovelies! During these difficult and… sweaty summer months, my mind always seems to turn back to one thought. “Man, I wish I was at the beach right now!” I’m sure most of you feel the same way, so I have decided to share a place that I often daydream about and should be onContinue reading “Adventures in Barbados”