Travel while you work!

Hello fellow explorers! How are all of you lovely people today? Good? Great? Wonderful? Well I should certainly hope so :D.

When I decided – very ambitiously I might add – that I was going to travel the world, my biggest challenge was finding a job that had a flexible schedule and that I would be able to take with me while I travel. As much as I would like to become a travel writer/photographer for National Geographic, I don’t believe that’s going to happen for me at the moment.

So I went on a search through the internet to find the perfect job for traveling. The options were endless. “Review you favorite books online for cash!” “Watch ads for $$$!” “Transcribe meetings online!” I tried out quite a few, which was exhausting and time consuming and really came up with no benefit. I was about to give up on the dream of working online when I came across Dadaabc.

What is Dadaabc you ask? It is a company dedicated to teaching kids (around ages 5 – 16) from all over the world the English language. I have been working there only two months now, and I LOVE it! You do have to get up quite early depending on your time zone (My first class starts at 5 a.m.), though I fully believe that it is worth it.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to make lesson plans or fight other teachers for students, Dadaabc handles it all. All you have to worry about is interacting with the kids, helping them learn how to hold conversations/ pronounce words correctly, and most importantly making sure they have fun! The work in fun and rewarding in so many ways!

Would you like to be able to work anywhere you go? If so, send in your application with Dadaabc today! Feel free to use my referral link below :D.

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Let’s Chat

If you sign up to work at Dadaabc please let me know how it goes! Have you found a job that you love online? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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