Yes! I’m alive! I have been meaning to post for a while now, but it just feels as though I keep running out of time. In any case, I’m back, and I hope to start posting regularly soon.

“Yea, I’ve heard that one before.” <– Hush brain! You don’t know my life!

…I promise I’m not crazy…

Anyway… I have been anxiously waiting for the chance to photograph bees all winter, and two days ago, the time finally came! After almost an hour of dancing around the crabapple tree in my front yard and avoiding getting stung, I felt I had gotten at least a few decent shots.

Tada! Bees do so much for the earth, let’s all try to treat them as kindly as they deserve :D.

Thanks for Visiting

Wait don’t leave just yet! If you’ve seen the rest of my site lately, you’ve might have realized that I have been trying to start a business. If you live in the mid-south and are interested in having some great portraits, headshots, and family photos done, please check out the “My Services” page to see our price menu and schedule a session of your very own!

Let’s Chat

What’s your favorite part of spring? What’s your least favorite part of spring? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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