The whosa whatsis now? That’s right folks, just this morning the world was gifted with a super, blue, blood moon. Rolls right off the tongue doesn’t it. So what exactly is it?

  • A super moon is when a full moon makes its closest approach to the earth, causing it to be 16% bigger and 30% brighter than a normal full moon.
  • A blue moon is the second full moon of a single month.
  • A blood moon is when the moon turns red in the event of a lunar eclipse.

This is also know as the “Super-Moon Trilogy”.

All of these events are fairly rare on their own, but to have all of them happen at once is a major phenomenon! This is the first time for it to happen in 150 years!

So, at 4:51 early this morning I crawled from my hole and sluggishly made my way outside with my camera gear to capture the spectacular sight! Then I found out it actually started at 5:51. Yay.

After waiting patiently (haha sure), I finally got to see what I was waiting for!

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It was an amazing event! Sadly, however, the sun rose right as the moon was reaching full coverage, so I missed out on seeing the blood moon. Though if you notice, in the last picture the moon does have a red tint to it :D.

Hopefully some of you were able to see it in person as well, but if not, you can always see the live coverage of the super-moon trilogy on

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