Flowers are one of my favorite subjects to photograph, but during the cold winter months flower photography is limited. So I had to find another way to capture these beautiful pieces of nature.

Thankfully, most grocery stores sell small bouquets of flowers extremely cheap (bonus if it comes with a vase!). Every now and then when I feel I have nothing to shoot in my environment, I’ll jog over to the store and grab a bunch.

There are many ways to photograph flowers indoors while still keeping a natural look, such as using the natural light from a window or layering flowers over one another. My personal favorite technique however, is hanging a black t-shirt (or piece of cloth) behind the flower. Set your camera to a low f/stop to create depth between the fabric and your subject.

This is a wonderful and simple technique if you enjoy creating dramatic photos :). If you are going after a cleaner look you can use a white backdrop instead.

Take a look at how they turned out!

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